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Unsafe foods production, handling, and consumption have disastrous consequences. Food-related incidents can damage your business and your brand. Most importantly, they can cause serious illness or death. In fact, each year in the US, 125,000 people are hospitalized due to food poisoning, 3,000 of which never make it home. No company wants their customers among these statistics, and with a little help from PAR, there”™s a good chance yours won”™t be.

SureCheck Screen
SureCheck Screen

With the complete SureCheck solution, PAR is helping to ensure safer foods and compliance with recently passed HACCP requirements for all types of customers, from restaurants and grocery stores to contract food services and food distributors.

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SureCheck in Action

SureCheck SaaS

With SureCheck Software, all data is captured and uploaded to the cloud. That way, you can store, filter, analyze and customize all data logs in real time, and access it from anywhere for daily reporting and storage for HACCP-compliance purposes. Plus, all of the appropriate SureCheck mobile devices are wirelessly updated daily with new checklists.

SureCheck SaaS model enables you to deploy the system quicker than if you had to install the software in your environment. With the SaaS model. you have every-thing you need so you don”™t have to worry about the technology and can focus on your business.

Together, the IoT, Cloud and data capabilities of a complete SureCheck solution delivers numerous benefits in all areas of food-related businesses.

The bottom line is, whether it’s cross contamination, inadequate cooking or anything in between, Food Safety violations can come from many sources. The solution to all of them, however, only comes from PAR.

It”™s time to ditch the pen and paper and move toward a safer future with SureCheck.

SureCheck Advantage Hand Held

The PAR SureCheck® Advantage is an IoT (Internet of Things) mobile solution designed for food quality and task management. The Advantage features the latest in Intel® architecture allowing for the integration of multiple functions in an all-in-one device.

The 5” handheld hardware device powered by Intel® Atom™ Processor technology offers high performance with low power consumption designed for food quality and task management. SureCheck® Advantage provides increased operational efficiencies with its integrated temperature probe, bar code scanner and RFID infrared temperature readers.

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Temperature Measuring Device

Send accurate temp/task data when asked through Bluetooth, also receive and execute commands from SureCheck Hand Held Devices. Enables three temperature measuring modes: Probe, infrared or RFID with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

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