Provide better experiences for your guests

Ticket sales, educational programs and food sales make up the greatest part of your revenue. By selecting a point-of-sale solution that can unify your income streams, you”™ll gain better visibility into your operations and be equipped to more informed business decisions.

How can Galaxy help?

  • Integrated ticketing and admission control – one solution that sells tickets through multiple channels and validates those tickets with a simple scan of a barcode (whether printed or on a mobile device)

  • Membership creation and management – process new memberships at any point-of-sale system you designate and create full-color membership cards on the spot; manage your members directly through Galaxy or interface with third-party software as The Raiser”™s Edge

  • Efficient scheduling of groups, private tours, advanced booking and timed events – enhance the guest experience by managing all reservations through one system that lets you see at a glance the availability of resources throughout your venue

  • Increased sales capacity – sell at the front gate or kiosks, through a call center, online through your own web store, or through third-party distributors via Galaxy Connect

  • A unified point-of-sale solution – consolidate your ticketing, food & beverage and retail sales for faster reporting and better customer relationship management