Quickly and Effectively Locate Restaurant Guests

Searching for guests when delivering food is a frustrating and, ultimately, inefficient venture. The Vuze Table Location System from HME Wireless helps you deliver food faster and fresher, for a more satisfying customer experience. Once guests order their food, simply hand them a guest tag and the system”™s unique active RFID technology does the rest.

No-stress table service

Customers receive a guest tag after placing an order at the counter or self-ordering kiosk. Guest tags activate automatically and track customers”™ location throughout the restaurant. Customers are free to enjoy their dining experience without worrying about when their order will arrive.

Vuze Table Service
Vuze Table Location

Accurate location & order tracking

Crew members deliver fresh food by instantly locating guests inside or outside the restaurant. Active RFID technology accurately tracks where customers are, whether seated or on the move.

Technology for faster orders

Color coded, user-friendly displays shows real-time depiction of service times, prompting crew to act on orders that need attention . Timestamp and order tracking technology enables faster order delivery for increased customer satisfaction and greater profitability.

Greater Speed
Advanced Reporting

In-depth advanced reporting

Vuze reporting allows managers to analyze guest tag data at a glance to identify and resolve staffing issues and take action where needed. Managers can track order times, understand speed of service performance, and manage their restaurant”™s guest flow.


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