Optimize Drive-thru Speeds

Delphi”™s Fast Track® Drive-Thru Timer provides critical information for operators to measure thru-put at the drive-thru. The Timing System displays detailed vehicle timing information on high-resolution displays. Show your drive-thru team a customizable dashboard of key information to optimize every car. The operator can easily see the number of cars in line, how long they”™ve been waiting, and how long it takes for each car to get through your drive-thru.

Fast Track Timer

Most Accurate Timer

Fast Track can measure and display key performance metrics and indicate when goals have been exceeded or fall short, maximizing QSR drive-thru performance. Key performance metrics include: numbers of cars in the drive-thru, total visit time, and other important measures of drive-thru productivity.

Drive-Thru Delivery
Fast Track display

Customizable Displays

Fast Track presents your speed-of-service data on up to four easy-to-read LCD screens. With 12 user-friendly templates available, it”™s easy to customize the display on site. With just a few simple clicks of a mouse, you can see the information you want, where you want it. Install a display in both the kitchen and manager”™s offi¬ce so everyone can see how long it takes for each car to get through the drive-thru.

Single or Multi-Lane Configuration

The Fast Track system supports today’s single lane or multi-lane drive-thrus as well as multi-window and merged dual-lane layouts.

End-To-End Solution

The Insight platform is the industries only end-to-end, fully integrated drive-thru solution. Delphi”™s solutions engage consumers, increase order accuracy, and help monitor and improve speed-of-service delivery.

Multiple Screens

Speed-of-service data and car count data on up to four easy-to-read LCD screens. With user-friendly templates or custom layouts, operators can display exactly what they want visible to the team at the drive-thru.

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