The Ultimate Drive-Thru Headset

Quail Digital’s wireless Q-Pro5 Drive-thru system is an industry first in combining the latest Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) design with integral drive-thru lane timing, customer-recordable welcome messages and crew prompts. The system takes the user experience to a whole new level for audio quality, comfort, flexibility and features, for greater productivity and performance.

Q-Pro5 Drive-thru Headset System
Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use

The stylish headsets weigh just 100 g, 30% less than those of our closest competitor, offering unrivaled comfort and peace of mind to users. They work with a single base station, whether for a single or dual lane drive-thru. They operate completely hands-free, offering the order-taker and the whole team full mobility and productivity; there is also a sleep mode which saves the battery when the headset is not in use.

Q-Pro5 in action
Barista Pro5
Cuts out background noise

The system uses the latest incoming and outgoing noise cancelling technology, reducing unwanted noise in both directions. This is a feature unique to the Quail design as it is completely duplex; alternative products are semi-duplex, which means only one way speech is possible at a time, preventing staff from hearing the customers’ orders clearly.

Controls the flow of service

Q-Buster is a function which allows you to record voice messages to remind the staff when the order-taking time is falling outside the established parameters. The simple voice message administrator enables you to record up to 16 personalized messages, such as: greetings to customers, promotional messages or customer task reminders.

Drive-Thru delivery
Pro5 lateral view


  • Up to 12 headset users
  • Wireless headsets; no need for belt packs
  • Conversation modes: hands-free, talk-lock, push-to-talk and listen
  • Operative modes: single lane, tandem and dual lane
  • Time prompt
  • Recordable promotional and greeting message
  • Noise and echo cancel
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